Is it time for a trip to Barcelona, Miami or Hawaii? Planning  a holiday or  a business trip? Every destination means adopting a new style.

Each style means a new way to prepare your suitcase for the road, but one thing is certain: no matter the distance or the means of transport, your personal belongings must reach the destination untouched, and for that we created the Princess Traveller collection of travel suitcases.

Elegant and easy to maneuver, light, but resistant, the Princess Traveller luggage and carry-on bags are the results of the latest technology, elite design and breakthrough materials. The creators of this product line were directly inspired from what people who travel often want from their suitcase: to be a pleasant and trustworthy travel companion.

Princess Travellers carry-ons and luggage represent the perfect gift for an important business partner, for your friends who are in a rush to see the world, or even for you.

GPro offers its clients this top product line that helps anyone to travel with style. You can choose from our large collection the product that suits your needs and personality.

Princess Traveller

The Princess Traveller collection contains the most exclusive suitcases on the market. Built from sturdy materials like polycarbonate combined with ABS, they are extremely light, resistant and able to easily cope with any challenge that can arise in the long trips or the transfers in international airports. Our products are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, all complying with the IATA standards and regulations for luggage and suitcases, and accepted as hand luggage by companies like Wizz Air or Ryanair.

Our Princess New York products are a touch of luxury and glamour, and the products in our Princess Rhodos line are roomy and can fit plenty of your personal items on any trip. For short trips you can choose the Princess XS models with sizes that are accepted for hand luggage by almost all airlines, and Princess Hawaii Orange makes you feel like on a tropical beach even before getting there. And if you want something really special, choose Princess San Francisco, the suitcases with their own embedded weighing scale, so you will always be able to avoid paying extra fees at the airport.

Discover the complete list of products in the Princess Traveller brochure.

From some of the lightest to the most generous, sophisticated or elegant, Princess Traveller suitcases are indeed special and they easily find their spot in the Business class of your unique way of travelling.

And because on any trip you are bound to take along your beloved gadgets, the Princess Traveller range is completed by business accessories and tablet or laptop cases made from materials of superior quality, which help prevent any damage during the trip. They are carefully designed so they are easy to handle and to contain special pockets for your mobile phone, passport, or your important notebook.

Discover the Princess Traveller collection on the website or browse through our catalog, which you can download and study carefully before your next trip.

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